Very poor coal ore Verypoorcoalore
Type Solid block
Name in GUI Very poor coal ore
Hardness 1,5
Resistance 13
Tool Pickaxe
Harvest level Stone
Creative Tab Additional Combustible
Has gravity No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Sound on step Stone
Drop Very poor coal ore
Drop amount 1
Stackable Yes (64)

This article is about the coal ore. For the usable lump obtained from it, see Small coal pile.

Very poor coal ore is a mineral block that drops itself when mined.


The Very poor coal ore block itself can be obtained by mining it with a wooden or better pickaxe.

Block V. p. coal ore
Hardness 1,5
Tool Pickaxe
Breaking time
Hand 7,5
Wooden 3,75
Stone 1,87
Iron 1.25
Golden 0,62
Diamond 0,9

Times are for unenchanted tools in seconds.

Natural generationEdit

Coal ore is generated naturally in veins between stone blocks, much like other ores. It is a common sight on almost all maps, and can be found at almost any elevation, from cliff faces, through underground caves and sea bottoms, down to bedrock. On average, there are about 142.6 coal ore per chunk. It is the only ore to appear well above sea level; coal ore comprises about 1% of all stone, regardless of altitude. Coal veins can vary greatly in size — mountaintop deposits are usually five blocks at most, but underground ones are generally at least ten blocks, and can range up to 64.

Coal ore is also found in small amounts alongside underground fossils.


Coal ore drops 1 piece of coal and 0 to 2 experience when mined with any pickaxe. Mining with a Fortune enchanted pickaxe will increase yields by 1 per level (up to 4 with level 3)

Smelting ingredientEdit